from empowered souls

Here's just a small sampling of the life-changing results experienced by former inmates and other clients that were empowered and supported by Dr. Frazer’s coaching and consulting:

“Lacy had an uncanny ability to coach me through some very dark nights of the soul. As an expert guide on my spiritual journey, she knew exactly how far to take me on a given day. I always felt I was making progress, but looking back now I know that I am a different person only because she was there to guide me every step of the way.”
— Kevin F.
“Lacy embodies this innate ability to identify a person’s strengths while bringing a laser-beam focus to the challenges we face when we are overwhelmed by life. When I found Lacy, I was lost, wounded, drained, and angry about all of it. Little did I know at the beginning of our journey that my life would soon make a 180 degree turn. I am blown away every session at the underlying blocks that have paralyzed me from moving forward. Lacy holds a sacred place for me to uncover, discover, and release what is holding me back from my fullest potential. Her intuitive approach helps me cut through the confusion and melt away the fortress I spent decades building around myself. Her dependable follow-through holds me accountable for my goals, and I leave every session feeling healed, re-energized, and empowered. Fear turned into faith. Confusion dissolved into clarity. And clarity launched inspiration and vision. I came to Lacy for one particular personal need, but her guidance has transformed my entire life.”

— Amanda R.
“Applying what l learned from Dr. Frazer makes living in the free world much more exciting. It’s like an inner freedom from the outer world. Loving this!! If your looking for inner peace, personal enlightenment, and extensive knowledge of who you truly are, I highly recommend Lacy Frazer. She will light up your life!”
— Bob H.
“I’ve only been working with Lacy for a few months. But in that short amount of time, I can feel the change from within. She as opened new doors inside my mind that have allowed me to look at the world in a more positive way with myself as well with others. I’m excited to continue my work with her. She’s truly an amazing woman who has a heart of gold.”

— Kailie K.
“Dr. Frazer’s presence in my life has truly been a gift from above. She was there for me during an extremely difficult chapter in my life. Her guidance gave me an opportunity to thoughtfully reconcile the traumas my family and I were experiencing and see how those events fit into our respective journeys. She taught me ways to reset my thinking in ways that diffused the anger and resentments that I had been carrying with me; now I am more grateful for the abundant blessings I have in my life. Her mantra of “I am 100% responsible for my reality” was one that I scoffed at in the beginning – now I try to live it every day. Thank you, Dr. Frazer, for the positive energy you helped me unlock!”
— Phillip R.
Lacy will help you shift to a life guided by your heart (i.e., love), and energized by pervasive interaction with your soul. She has been my guide through my journey to escape enslavement by my mind and all the resultant static, so I could discover the liberating Joy of leading with and from my heart.”
— Joseph W.
“Lacy transformed my ego-based, controlling self by introducing a new perspective on life ... one that originates from the soul. She provided me the insights to change my thoughts and redirect those innate qualities and strengths once used to manipulate and deceive towards a life and actions fueled by love, selflessness, and service. Dare I say, she unlocked a positive energy that had been suppressed for over 40 years by my own fear of failure.”
— John S.
Lacy Frazer is someone that will allow you to be yourself. She puts her heart and spirit into everyone that allows her just a moment. Today, I thank her for who I am, which put me on my path of life. I am truly grateful.
— Jeff J.

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