“For most of my life, I lived with a false narrative of who I wanted to be…. but, in fact, I was living a life full of darkness, hurt and fear. From the very first time I sat with Lacy Frazer, I felt the beginnings of a new sunrise full of honest and non-judgmental guidance. Lacy’s caring support and direction has allowed me to take back a life full of Hope, Love and Joy and live more authentically, with many bright, bright sunrises.”
— Michael N., former Federal Inmate

change your thoughts. transform your life.

Transitioning back into society, community, and family after a lengthy separation can be hard on everyone involved. However, it can also be a time of great anticipation, excitement, and joy. Dr. Frazer facilitates both individual and group coaching experiences that use powerful questioning, direct feedback, and empowerment techniques to help returning citizens feel a sense of stability and confidence as they traverse the sometimes rocky terrain of reentry. Her “teach them how to fish” philosophy guides her work to help human beings get to the root of their thinking, feeling, and behaving so they can then shed the beliefs and values that do not serve them any longer, and help them experience a more empowered way of walking through the world. 

At Lacy Frazer Coaching & Consulting, we provide two training programs for inmates and re-entrants designed to transform one’s perspective and life. Each program is tailored to address individual needs and redirect the “conditioned self” towards a life of spiritual well-being:


“Foundational Life Skills” Course

A holistic Wellness Program designed for inmates and returning citizens to adapt and integrate into society. Course includes 12 coaching modules that cover the Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness resulting in radical self-awareness and self-care.

“Change Your thoughts, Transform Your Life” Program

An advanced, holistic program that takes a deep dive into personal transformation characterized by self-awareness, accountability, inner freedom, and overall well-being. This course consists of 12 coaching modules, including:

  • Understanding the Conditioned Self

  • Radical Responsibility for life choices

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Positive Psychology/Positive Attitude Development

  • Mindfulness: Present Moment Awareness

  • Self-Empowerment

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Re-Entry training is NOT just for inmates. The development of evidence-based law enforcement training and practices that emphasize positive, high-quality relationships with former inmates through life coaching techniques is needed to reduce recidivism across the nation. Dr. Frazer also works as a coach and consultant to those who work in the field of reentry. Her custom designed workshops center around a “Coach Approach to Reentry” model—instilling a new perspective that is evidenced by the many men who are now living successful and meaningful lives of service.



Catalyze a paradigm shift in the justice system by educating, coaching, inspiring, and engaging the law enforcement and re-entry community through a Coach Approach to collaboration and betterment for the good of all.