Lacy Frazer, Psy.D.

Lacy Frazer practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 21 years, working with different populations suffering from a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual crises. She developed and implemented a year long personal transformation program that resulted in sustained change for most all who completed it. Over the past few years, Lacy has transitioned full-time to her one true calling: expanding her reach as a Life Coach of Personal Transformation

Lacy uses her years of experience and skills as a psychologist and life coach to motivate, inspire, and empower anyone seeking a greater freedom and to move forward in their lives, including returning citizens. Lacy provides practical knowledge and life skills to negotiate everyday challenges by using the power of story, personal experience, and deep intuition to help guide her clients to their greatest potential. Building on this self-awareness, Lacy introduces a vast array of tools to help move the client into a place of self-empowerment and co-creatorship with life.

lacy’s Philosophy and Approach: “Teach Them How to Fish”

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In her Own Words

“I believe long term healing, low recidivism rates, decreased substance abuse, and an increase in overall life satisfaction depends on one’s ability to get real with themselves about their lives, about their choices, about their thought patterns, and about their conditioned selves. Once one can take a radical look at the truth of who they have been, they can embark on a path of who they are becoming.”
— Lacy Frazer
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Lacy’s Coach Approach to Reentry provides an innovative new perspective to facilitating and empowering long term change for men and women transitioning from prison back into society.

The ancient proverb, “Teach a Man to Fish,” can be applied to many aspects of life. However, I find it most pertinent and profound when it comes to helping men and women transition back into their everyday lives after being incarcerated or in the military. We live in a quick-fix, fast-paced society where we perceive there is no time for deeper processing, finding meaning, or long-term healing. We are quick to put a band-aid on the wound, use external methods of coping to get by, or simply accept that we are a victim of circumstance. Unfortunately, this way of walking through the world will inevitably lead to repeated crises and the feeling that we will never truly be healed or whole. By investing in a coach approach to reentry, people and organizations are investing in teaching and empowering returning citizens to heal the past and create their future. Men and women are coached to identify and utilize their own internal resources to not just cope or survive, but to thrive.

I have had the privilege to witness profound transformation over and over again as my clients commit to facing their fears, observe and accept their faults, and embrace their vulnerabilities.

I look forward to walking alongside you on a journey of self-awareness, compassion and desire to serve others while serving your better self.


  • Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification (In Progress); Raleigh Coaching Academy

  • Doctorate of Clinical Psychology; The Georgia School of Professional Psychology

  • MA, Psychology; Washington College

  • BS, Psychology Based Human Relations; University of Maryland