After working with inmates in federal prison for over 20 years, and helping countless men prepare for their release back into society, Dr. Lacy Frazer is now focused on delivering an integrative, collaborative, empowering, and holistic approach to “freeing the incarcerated soul.” If you feel trapped, overwhelmed, or stuck in any way not living the life you truly desire, Lacy Frazer Coaching & Consulting can help create a path to a better version of yourself. Lacy uses her skills as a psychologist and trained life coach to serve as a catalyst for change—helping all of us to change our thoughts and transform our lives.


Transform your life through heightened self-awareness and expansive love

Understanding, compassion, and a new perspective

Change your thoughts … Transform your life

The art of serving yourself before you serve


  • Every human being has value and purpose

  • Every human being has the power within themselves to change their life

  • Every human being has talents and innate abilities that await discovery

  • Every human being is “conditioned” from the moment of birth - but the conditioned self can be transformed.

  • Human beings are innately curious, compassionate, and collaborative. 

  • We all have innate talents that are untapped … The secret lies in our ability to let go of our limiting beliefs and embrace our skills, talents and abilities to maximize our potential.